Working experience in a number of international companies, study of the Diamond Approach, and a practical course in Mindfulness & Counseling Skills, underlie my coaching skills.Throughout my life I have  pursued eclectic interests, from linguistics and marketing to philosophy and psychology. I earned my BA later in life, as a ‘distance learner’. The Diamond Approach, since I discovered it’s existence almost 20 years ago, continues to deepen and enliven my life.

A native English speaker living in the Netherlands, I’m familiar with the joys and challenges of working within large organizations and living outside my own country. I have worked with wonderful people in companies such as Apple and Data General in Paris, Citibank in Amsterdam, and Gruner & Jahr in Hamburg. As a business writer, I’ve  learned about many different fields of enterprise and business functions, and am particularly interested in change management and communication. I’ve learned German, French, and Dutch, alongside my native English. My interest in the power of language is complemented by my study of the human psyche.

This variety of experience helps me understand my clients’ contexts: where you’re coming from, whether at work, in relationship, or life in general.

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