We tend to go through much of our life without exploring our full potential – perhaps because we  don’t know how to enquire into that potential, and what it could mean for us.  Yet I think the whole point of living is to explore our potential, to live a fulfilling life to the best of our ability. Each in our own way. Finding out more about what this means is not easy on your own. With the Enquiring Spirit, my intention is to encourage and support your exploration, systematically  providing you with guidance and open feedback, and the support to develop mindfulness; presence in the moment. I will support  you in acquiring the skill of enquiry, and help you go deeper. To find out what’s holding you back, look more closely at the obstacles confronting you, and see what it is you really want. You can learn to listen more closely to yourself, and develop your potential.

Enquiry, as I have come to know it, is based on the understanding that there is a different way of approaching our life.  Perhaps we can’t change the difficulties we encounter. But when we meet life with our whole selves, with integrity, it can change us.

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